Sunday, September 7, 2008


Although we are mighty sick and tired of listening to all the hound dogs bark/howl all night long (most locals seem to have a bunch), we have to remind ourselves that they were here before us.  (Well....that's not actually true of the noisiest pack....but, whatcha goin' do?)

We followed this truck out to the main road yesterday......the scene certainly made me smile.  How colorful is this?

Just before I snapped my picture.....all three holes had dogs poking out.....

This little guy is made from recycled oil just had to come home with us.

Today, is the first 2008 NFL inconceivable moment just happened......Brett Farve....the greatest quarter back to ever play the game of football, just threw beautiful 56 yard touch down pass......for the New York Jets.  The Green Bay Packer organization made a HUGE mistake by letting Brett go......BRETT CAN STILL PLAY!!!!  

If the Packers get their butts whipped by Minnesota tomorrow night....there will be H**L to pay in Green Bay.  (Sorry about the commentary......I couldn't help myself....)


Jeanne said...

Mary, I love that metal chicken!

Anonymous said...

We all knew he could still play.
It's only the Packer organization that wouldn't let him.KS