Monday, September 8, 2008


I'm heading back on the road on Wednesday to the Columbia River Gorge Quilt Show, near Stevenson, WA.

Packing and organizing everything that goes along with travel teaching won't give me too much spare time, so I've challenged myself to make a small piece.  

Here are some treasures I've pulled to try to work with.  The shaped wood piece was given to me by Vicki Tracy, when she taught as a guest instructor on one of my quilting cruises.  She owns a Bernina Sewing Studio in Lubbock, TX and her husband keeps busy creating interesting items made from local wood.

Beading through the holes will allow the decorative piece to be attached to the felted wool background.  I hope to have something more to show tomorrow for my efforts.  The wood is more difficult to work with than I anticipated.....naturally, it has no 'give', but it's fun playing with new ideas.

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