Monday, March 24, 2008


So many of my Midwest friends have endured a terrible's hard to complain and yet....I will!  Where has spring gone??  It's really chilly here today, temperature not even 30 degrees during our morning hike, and yes I whimpered!

This is the view from my studio window which overlooks the East side of the forested mountains that surround our valley.  Yes, it's snow that you are seeing, happily it's so light that it simply disappears as it hits the ground.

In the spirit of upcoming 'outdoor fry' season (a Wisconsin term) and due to numerous requests for more info, I'm posting a link to the Big Green Egg

It's an American designed Ceramic cooker, derived from an ancient clay cooker called a Kamado.  The idea is 3,000 years old.  It can be used to smoke, grill, and barbecue.  We have the model above.....they call their carts 'nests'.....very clever marketing.

This is an adorable small one....toooooo cute!

'The husband' always cooks with charcoal chunks , not the familiar briquets.  His favorite brand Cowboy Charcoal  now available at Lowes.  This company has been manufacturing charcoal for nearly 100 years.  It began with their great-grandfather in the early 1900's who was a community collier in Southern Ohio. (Ya, I thought he should be from Texas too.)  A collier was an individual who burned charcoal.  It was common in those days for farmers to cut and clear trees on their land.  This wood would be stacked or placed in pits for burning into charcoal. The process was an art form, inexperienced burners would return to just a pile of ashes.

Though this photo is not in color.....the charcoal looks something like these rough wood chunks.  We think the flavor is superior to the typical charcoal briquets.  

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pamo65 said...

We have had a Big Green Egg for about 5 years. It is amazing how well the food cooks. It is my husbands favorite grill.