Friday, March 7, 2008


Western NC has been experiencing a fairly severe drought for over a year.....but lately the rains have come!

Though this photo may not give you the full impression......this morning the rain completely obscured our long range mountain view.  The temperature was a balmy 55 degrees....and it's only the beginning of March.....we are loving it!!!

The roadway turned into a mini stream.

And our creek along our property was alive with noise as the water again was gurgling rapidly down the mountain.

BUT....yikes....'the husband' just reported we are under a winter storm watch as the temperature will drop as a new storm system comes through tonight.  If we are lucky it will be snow, not ice.  Our power lines are underground, but many leading up here are not.  The loss of electricity due to ice may mean days without power.  We'd seriously considered getting a whole house generator, but they are SUPER pricey, so naturally, we didn't.  Of course, a few days w/o power will surely cause us to reconsider.  We've been lucky so far, I'm trusting that will continue.  Stay tuned.......

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Janet said...

Hi Mary: The joys of country living! I too live on a mountain and have been without power for as long as two weeks in the aftermath of winter storms. It pays to have a good woodstove and a few kerosene lamps.
Very frustrating for quilters - during that long outage I could only work for a few hours a day in front of a west facing window. AArgh!!!
Make sure to run off some water as you won't be able to pump from your well.
Janet in Nova Scotia, where we have a weather warning out too!