Saturday, March 1, 2008


The promise of mild winters was one of the lures that moved us from Wisconsin to NC.  I'll admit, our blood has thinned after only our 2nd winter here.  It's been cold this the 20's, going up to the 30's in the daytime.  Now, in WI, we'd think that was balmy!

Tuesday night and into part of Wednesday we had a storm storm......puny by midwest standards but because the terrain is steep with endless curvy roads, it tends to paralyze folks.  We are amused.  Looking from our back deck, we were greeted by this beautiful site. 

So, we get a taste of winter's beauty, and happily it's gone within a day or shoveling required.  Our 5" of snow was nearly all melted before the sun went down.  Today our temperature will get to is good.

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