Friday, March 6, 2020


The NC Arboretum in Asheville was also featuring an exhibit by the Asheville Printmakers.  Unfortunately, due to the number of large windows in the Education Center, my photos show lots of light reflection.  Don't let that diminish the impact of these pieces.

I was struck when writing this post, that most of my favorite pieces were created using techniques many of us fiber mixed media artists also use.  Perhaps what can be printed on paper can also be printed on fabric with equal success.

 Love the cut out for the lead weight.....very clever!!


The Idaho Beauty said...

This has always been my thinking as I've watched tutorials about different ways to get paint and design on paper, that it all could eventually be done on fabric. But working with paper feels less intimidating than going straight to fabric (which I did when I first moved here, with frustrating results). I don't mind messing up on paper, but it bothers me to mess up a piece of fabric, even cheap muslin! Not sure what that's all about but there it is. I would really enjoy seeing this exhibit in person.

Robbie said...

WOW..some beautiful work isn't it!!! Love the mono print...actually, they are all really quite nice!!!

Linda M said...

Interesting art work, this post and the last. Yes we can use lots of printmaking techniques on fabric.