Friday, March 13, 2020


Comments about our 12 annual PTA retreat will be posted in several parts.....probably because I'm so darn pooped just sitting and staring at the computer screen is making me sleepy.  We say this every was the best time ever!!
 I'm starting with a hilarious view.  Here's Georgia Bonesteel, our stellar piecer was working on a Quilt of Valor. There is so much activity, noise, & commotion it's a wonder any of us get anything accomplished.....and accomplished correctly.  She positioned a completed block on her design wall only to have us all falling apart with laughter....can you see what she did?  
 Half of us suggested she leave it.....the other half urged her to fix it......she did the later.
 Marene makes complicated least in my view they are complicated.  Because she's been spending so much time away from home and her machine, she's been working on English paper pieced blocks.
 I wanted to share her terrific idea of keeping all those pieces organized.  She places them between sheets of Glad Press and Seal plastic wrap.  Brilliant!!
 This allows her to position the prepared pieces where they need to go and they stay that way as they are transported.
I've purposely kept the view of our last night dark and difficult to see......but you might be able to tell we are almost statues we are so tired.  There were 10 of us....I took the photo and the missing person was obviously out of the room fetching more adult beverages. 

We rent a large house on the property of Lake Logan Retreat Center in Canton, NC and already have our date set for #13 Retreat next year!


Linda M said...

Between PTA and the Fiber Junkies you have been having way to much fun :)

Robbie said...

What fun!!! You're so fortunate to be able to attend these great outings! Guess I don't see what Georgia did wrong? Guess I need to go back and look closer! DUH!