Monday, June 10, 2019


Are you curious about how a wall art quilt is made from beginning to end? Follow along as I begin a new piece. Sometimes, even before a design idea gets born, certain fabrics that I previously created start trying to get my attention. I know it sound silly but it's almost like they are yelling pick me, pick me....I've been waiting on the shelf too long.

 So I arranged several pieces of deconstructed screen printed polished cotton on my design wall. Still not knowing where this is going....I pulled some hand-dyed cottons in accent colors of greens and reds.
After several days of passively pondering over design options, I think an idea is finally born. The large pieces (plus more from my stash) are being cut apart, arranged and sewn back together collage fashion to create a background. 

Check back to see the next step.....


Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

How fun to see your creative process, this is going to be a beauty!

Nancy said...

Beautiful "raw material" to work with! I don't think it sounds silly- some materials really do just come together after they've aged awhile in the sewing room!