Thursday, July 12, 2018


Today the members of PTA (Professional Textile Artists - our small invitational fiber group) met at the Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Connie Brown organized a nice day for us....which began with healthy morning goodies and ice tea.
 She arranged for us to use the auditorium for our show and tell and general chit chat.  Barbara (right) just completed this beauty.  She has a knack for combining patchwork backgrounds in just the right balance that allow her main motifs to shine...whether that's patchwork or applique....she has such an eye for that design method.
 She was one of the many 'shoppers' who came to my house to dig into the huge stash of fabrics I was relocating for my longtime friend.  I LOVE this piece......inspired by the lime green fabrics she took home that day.
 Dort Lee is the illustrator in our group....I'm pea green over her drawing skills.  This is a little piece, much of the design has been created using ink (the girl on the bed).  If you look closely you can see the photo she used as inspiration.
 She visited France earlier this summer (note the snapshot in the center bottom).....and let yourself say wow as you see how she's recreating the scene in fabric and inks.  These are little pieces no bigger than 12"!!
 The last two are further scenes from her France trip......very cool right??

 Then we moved on upstairs to the Southern Highland Craft Guild gallery and shop area.  The current exhibit is Wabi Sabi.  In case you can't read the blurb....the idea was to showcase the art of imperfection and simplicity.  Several of our PTA members had work in the show.....
 Here's Barbara Swinea's......yes, just the right expression of the theme!
 Georgia Bonesteel chose to highlight the imperfection of the crack in the Liberty Bell......
 Judy Simmons piece is sooooo's best explained in her own words on her take a look, really....go look!!
Connie Brown gave us a tutorial/history lesson about Appalachian Scottish quilts.....of which her large piece followed those construction traditions.

To learn more about the Southern Highland Craft Guild and their various galleries/shops, click here.

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Wow! These are great works of is your show and tell..