Sunday, July 15, 2018


About a year ago I joined the Mountain Art Quilters group that meets in Asheville.  It started several years ago as a local SAQA pod.  It has grown beyond its original 4 members and concept to around 30 and SAQA membership is no longer required.

This is a very lively talented group of artists, so sharing and inspiring.  Forgive me, I'm still learning names but will provide them as I can.  Next time I'll write them down!  Show and Tell is below and it's awesome....enjoy.....
 Lynn and another pal are making this quilt for a special friend of theirs, based on a metal sculpture she fell in love with.
Here's an adorable collage piece made by Julie
On this piece, the main design was made by coloring a non-woven material with were the black lines which were then machine stitched.
 Lisa said she was just playing with small pieces.....and is now hand stitching it....her 'playtime' was well spent in my humble opinion.
 This piece was created to show off thread and fiber snippets....the machine quilting motif pulls the whole piece together.  In person the piece is a beautiful rusty brown.....why it looks purple here is a mystery.
 Detail of threads/etc. stitched onto a water soluble to create this textured center.
 We all loved how this was mounted onto a flat black painted wood board which framed this small piece and allowed for easier hanging.
 Lisa also painted this adorable piece.
 Such a great use of scraps and especially the black and white fabric....note to self....a great way to use the piles of black and white I have!!
Our group is mounting an exhibit that will be hung at the Asheville Quilt Guild's annual show this fall...our rules are very loose.....the main one being the focus on the color green.  Kathy is just finishing up her stunning abstract piece....I love everything about it.


Nancy said...

What a wonderful variety of quilt projects! It's always so inspiring to attend fiber groups and soak in all the ideas. Makes me want to run right home and fire up the sewing machine, or drag out the paints, dyes, trims.

Sherrie Spangler said...

What an inspiring selection of quilts! I'll be interested to see the "green" ones.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Goodness - I got all fired up just looking at these pictures! It must be something else to be a part of this group, inspiring indeed!

Ann Scott said...

That was great fun. Thank you and your friends for inspiring and sharing!