Saturday, July 28, 2018


"NATURE ACROSS THE CAROLINAS - FIBER ART WITH QUILTS" exhibit at the NC Arboretum in Asheville, NC is officially open.  It will run through Sept. 16, 2018.  Artists:  Judy Simmons,  Mary Stori, and Kate Weston.
 Our work is displayed upstairs in the Education Building.  It's a very large space featuring areas that flow one into another, allowing visitors plenty of room to view the exhibit.  Rocking chairs allow extended contemplation as well. Though we have different styles, we are always amazed at how well they coordinate with each other.  For instance, the purple iris piece in the foreground is Judy's, one of my deconstructed/eco printed pieces will be hung in tandem.
This is the first time we've had the use of pedestals to display our small mounted pieces.  The wire hanging system used at the Arboretum makes hanging these items on the wall quite difficult, so needless to say we are thrilled by this addition.
 Besides the ease of displaying them, it provides an alternate display idea for visitor's homes.  And we do hope visitors will be eager to purchase our work!!  Obviously, I snapped this photo of one of my pieces before the signage was put in place.
Because it took us nearly the whole day to get them hung, and I was then in a hurry to start my drive back home, I missed photographing some areas...but please enjoy the following and if you are in the area, do come for a closer look.


Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Looks like a wonderful exhibit, cannot wait to see it.

Robbie said...

It is a lot of work to hang/display art work..but you all did a great job!!! Each pic looks wonderful and as you said, seem to be so cohesive! Wish I could see them in person!

Ann Scott said...

I appreciate being able to see the pieces here. They look so good and I know how much work it is to hang an exhibit - especially when there are many artists with different styles. Best of luck with the sales and thank you, as always, for promoting quilts as art!