Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Our July Fiber Junkies meeting, like all our gatherings is pretty much the highlight of my month.  We always have great show and tell, great food, great friendship, and oh ya, great sharing of ideas.

Here's a taste of our show and tell.
 We all went wild over Kate's newest piece, featuring mono-printing on silk.  Kate, Judy and I are preparing to hang our 2 1/2 month long exhibit at the NC Arboretum next week and Kate just finished this one in the nick of time.  Her expert machine quilting and the dynamic design is sure to catch a buyer's eye immediately.
 Kate and Denny have been taking private lessons with a wax batik artist in Greenville, SC.  This beauty is the accumulation of about 10 layers of wax/dye over a 3-4 week period.  It's mounted on a wood frame and it too will be hung at our Arboretum show.
 Gen is now working almost exclusively with paper.  She has the most clever ideas which often begin with old books.  This is a very old one that belonged to her husband.
 She removed every other page and then glued the remaining ones together in units of 3's.  She'll gesso the pages and then paint, stamp, draw, collage over them in the coming days.  Hopefully she'll bring it to our Aug. meeting so I can share her progress with you.
 Here are some examples of her innovative pages in a larger book.
 The flowers right came from a paper guest hand towel (seen below).  Gen explained that she placed the print shapes over the pinkish painted background.  Then she outlines the flower shapes with water, which dissolves the paper around the design, releasing the flower to the paper background.  I found that fascinating.  She finished the page with a gesso wash.
After more sharing, including photos on our phones, coffee, goodies, and general catching up with plans already in with works for our Aug. meeting....we retired to Gen's studio to play with gelli plates.  Come back and see what we did......


Nancy said...

The first photo quilt is stunning! And 10 layers of wax in the batiks- phew! I like paper projects, too, so of course my sewing room looks like a tornado went through quite often. Another fun group. I'll post you if I make it up for the Biltmore exhibit, though our time between now and the end of the display is already tight with some travels. We'll see how it goes.

mebaker said...

Always love to see what you are doing. Recently went to Asheville and visited Woolworth Walk- thanks to learning about it from one of your posts! Keep up the inspiring work!

Robbie said...

I always love your show and tell from Fiber Junkies!!