Monday, April 2, 2018


As usual we began our FJ gathering with coffee/goodies & show and tell.
 Denny and Kate have been taking classes from a local Greenville, SC batik artist who has adapted his own simplified methods to this wax/dye art form.  This is Denny's piece with goodness knows how many different layers.  The background light made for great viewing of the piece but unfortunately not such good picture taking.  In person it's breathtaking!!
 She's already drawn out another design for her next project.  Can't wait to see how it progresses.
 Gen is really into collage...this is a combo of paper and fabric.  The orange at the top of the piece is a dyed dryer sheet!
However, it's paper that's really grabbed Gen's interest....layers of various papers that she's altered with surface designs. 
She's made her own textured rollers from cardboard toilet tissue rolls and sticky foam sheets.  Other ideas she uses are string, rubber bands, and yarn.
Denny came prepared with two collage ideas....
......and two large bags filled with she called 'goose poop', (leftover bits from cutting half-square triangles) which she glued onto fabric traced with a spiral.  She used the tip of her finger to smear the 'Tacky Glue" onto the back of the fabric to hold it in place.  She was smiling the whole time, loving this mindless way of working. 
 You might notice the plastic overlay marked with her design.  This acted as an additional placement guide in case the markings on her fabric rubbed off.
We were all so impressed with this technique.  We know that Denny will consider this only to be the first layer...she's all about layering and is an expert at it.  Kate couldn't quite stretch the fabrics she brought to work with her chosen design, but she was geared up to finish it at home. I didn't get photos of anyone else's pieces because I'll admit to being too focused on my project.  It wasn't collage, I needed to spend the time sewing a sleeve to my latest large Japanese style wall quilt.

The enthusiasm and potential of what Denny and Gen were doing got us all so excited that we will continue with this technique theme for our next meeting.


Nancy said...

That batik project just glows- lovely. Great use for the goose poop! What fun you all have. I love paper and fabric also, and the roller stamps are terrific for her surface designs. Fun, fun, fun.

Robbie said...

Well, first the batik piece is amazing!!!! And the collage work is so clever!!!! Oh my gosh..makes me want to try this technique! This is another show and tell that is so inspirational! Thanks for the share!!!