Monday, April 9, 2018


A short time ago I asked for recommendations for rulers that don't slip.  Thank you all for responding.  The brand that came up most often was Quilters Select

Prices seem higher than other options and can't be found on Amazon....which is too bad as the shipping for this one was $10...price of ruler $25.  A hefty investment (though it was a birthday gift...thank you Christopher).  Yet for a tool that is used as often as we use this kind, it's worth it.  

It truly did not slip and I really liked the marking measurement system.  At first I was a bit skeptical about the rather 'frosted' I was used to clear plastic rulers.  However, it actually helped removed glare which I experience because of the overhead lights above my cutting table.
Now I'm going to want a few other sizes that I use the most such as a big square!


Kathy said...

I hate to have to replace rulers, but I guess wearing them out shows how hard we work...or dropping them on the way into a quilt retreat! Now you have made me think about what I want in a new one, too! I will check out that brand as well as my normal go-to brand. It's how they are marked and how easy they are to read that matter most to me.

Nancy said...

I'm so glad you shared the results of your survey, and the ruler you selected. I think that is the brand that some of the quilters on a recent bus trip to the AQS show were looking for also. Had not thought about glare, but you're right- there is a glare on the clear ones. I may have to think about a new ruler having just put a couple of mine on the freebie table at guild. Thanks for commenting on my "Downtown" post, too. Ocala is a lovely part of Florida. When we first moved to FL from NY, people asked my husband if he liked Florida. He said, "no, but I love Marion County and Ocala."

Robbie said...

I too love my ruler gifted me by my BFF back home. I want another one and you gave a good suggestion to me on the sizes I should look at. Square is next on my list, then the 24". So glad you like yours!