Friday, March 30, 2018


My PTA (Professional Textile Artists) retreat quilt is complete! It's quilted quite simply to allow the featured blocks to remain very visible.  My loft style studio suits me fine except when it comes to photographing quilts....unfortunately this is the best I can do given the setting. Trust me, it's not nearly as dark, & is far more vibrant !

I still have piles of asian style fabrics to inspire me to create new interesting settings to highlight the designs.  So I better get to cutting!
TOUR JAPAN   60" X 60"
Cotton fabric, machine stitched.

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Linda M said...

Looks great! That must be an enormous pile of Japanese fabrics.

Linda Swanekamp said...

The squares of the Asian fabric are beautiful. They look set to really show them off.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Took a close look to see the quilting and was surprised by the twin lines with wide spacing between. I would not have thought of that but it does visually "fill up the space" without there being a lot of distracting lines of quilting. Once again, you've faced the challenge of these Asian fabrics and succeeded with yet another variation!

Quilting Nonnie said...

Those are beautiful prints. You must have had a wonderful time in Japan! I like the way you sashed your quilt and the color was perfect!

Ann Scott said...

Your quilt makes quite an impact! Seems I like each new one more than the last. Can hardly wait to see more!