Tuesday, April 24, 2018


MUST CLEAR OUT - Selling as 1 lot - 180 spools of Mettler thread @  $150.   Most still in cellophane wrapper, some have been slightly used. Pretty much split between sizes/styles: * Quilting cotton 40/3 (164 yd. spools), *Silk finish cotton merc.50/3 (164 yd. spools), and Cotton Embroidery 60/2 (219 yds.) Comes out to less than $.83 cents a spool for GREAT quality sewing thread!  

Selling as 1 lot. Billing via Paypal Ships via USPS flat rate priority @ $13.65...a totally stuffed heavy box. Ships the next day if possible. Smoke free home.

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Robbie said...

This is a great buy!!! I'm sure someone will snatch it up! They should...I have so much thread...actually more Isacord than anything! I was teaching at the quilt shop and getting my discount, of course, I had to buy, buy, buy...and now I seldom use it! HA