Tuesday, January 30, 2018


The highlight of my year is always our 3 day PTA retreat (coming soon).  The highlight of 'the husband's' year is attending the Rolex 24 Hour car race at Daytona.  I dutifully attend with him but truth be told....would prefer to stay home.
 We are Porsche fans.....and sadly our teams have done poorly for the last 2 years.  Clearly they are lacking engine strength!
 This year's crowd was the largest ever attending......crammed in everywhere there were tent campers.....some more worthy then others of being called a tent.  I can NOT imagine any event that would make me consider tent camping.......well....at least with my current age.
 ……of course there are those who travel in the style……which I'd prefer!
NO.....we do not stay and watch the entire 24 hours!!!!  The race begins at 2:40 PM...and obviously runs through the night which makes for exciting viewing for those hardy folks who stay awake at the track.  

I amuse myself the best I can.  In the Porsche hospitality paddock, artist Bill Patterson peaked my interest.  I watched as he turned a blank canvas into an action painting in about 2 hrs. The painting was then auctioned off to benefit the Austin Hatcher Foundation whose focus is on curing childhood cancers.  This one was sold for over $3,000.  I sure wish I had the knack of blending colors like he does! 


Ann Scott said...

It is nice to see photos after reading your recent comment about this event. I understand what you meant when you wrote that you watched the artist painting... Even though I work in fabric/fibers I watch painting videos often, always trying to learn anything I can. It was interesting to learn about the event. Thanks for sharing.

Robbie said...

I sure don't think you lack anything when it comes to color and your work! Glad you had a safe trip down and back...and got to see this artist...always a bonus to car noise and gasoline smell! HA

The Idaho Beauty said...

I have a friend who paints with pastels and often takes part in similar "quick sketch" events where the artwork is sold afterward. Most of hers are within a time limit of say 45 minutes or so, many artists taking part. I couldn't imagine how one could produce a good piece of art on site and so quickly, AND with people milling about and asking questions. Hers are always so good and go for a high price.

Well, of COURSE, there are tricks to this and she shared a few with me, including the fact that she figures out what it is she might paint (sometimes they are expected to paint the scene before them) and then does a few practice ones before the event. Ahhh - a bit of the mystery solved! I'm guessing this man does something similar, or is particularly familiar with the subject. That must have been a treat for you to run across him and be able to watch him work.

I never was one for tent camping, although we did pitch a tent at Road America once, the first year they allowed such a thing on site. And it was even my idea! Something about being able to camp by the carousel piqued my interest and I'm glad we did it. But really, I'm more of a motel or RV "camper" like you. ;-)