Monday, January 22, 2018


Long time bloggers and readers have most likely experienced special connections with each other.  How fortunate to find connections in this vast world! This Fiber Junkie play date was inspired by Angela Grasse of Princess Bubbles Creates who shared some of her stash of foiling material.  Obviously, that became the subject of our first FJ gathering of 2018.  Thank you Angela!

Before I begin my little report of the day, I want to take a moment to say it was also a bittersweet one.  Our long, long time, sweet, generous, talented member Val has had to withdraw from the group for health reasons. We hope it will be temporary as her quiet, reflective skilled work was always one we wanted to copy.  It wouldn't feel right not acknowledging how much she's provided to our group.
Onward we go....for now with the 5 of us.  We met at Judy's, super organized as always.....examples, supplies, and a demo table set up to jump start our experiments.
 I'm thankful for the foil Angela sent me......
Gen was my table partner and also shared some of her delicious foils.....look at this marbled design!
Judy had stacks of silk screens we could easy way to add a design to be foiled.  To store her screens, she screens the design onto a file folder, making it so handy to preview the motifs without having to look inside each folder.
 The bottom of this photo shows the silk screen, and a scrapper used to push liquid adhesive through to the fabric.  The lighter area shows the gray adhesive on my light blue piece of wool felt.
 It's now all screened and set aside to dry for about an hour.
On an ironing surface, I placed the wool felt, sheets of gold foil covered with parchment paper and firmly pressed/rubbed with a warm/hot iron until the foil was released from its cellophane carrier sheet.  I love this one.
 Here I used a squeeze bottle of liquid adhesive......much more difficult to get evenly dispersed lines.  I wanted to create all over designs since the wool felt will be made into baskets for my booth at Woolworth Walk.
After drying....and not as completely as it should have been due to the uneven lines of glue.....I used both silver and red foil.  Not as successful but okay for a beginner!

More to come....please check back....


Kathy said...

Looks like a fun day! I've never been successful with foil so I look forward to seeing your experiments!

Nancy said...

More fun experimenting. I have good times and not so good times with foil. Maybe more practice would help. yours look good.

Angela said...

Thanks for linking to my blog! I was glad to share with you. It looks like a really good day of experimenting. So fun!