Tuesday, January 16, 2018


You are being spared the dozens of audition photos I've taken while struggling to find the right combo of fabrics and positions for my new ongoing project.  It's a sunset, ocean, beach scene....... in case you can't tell.....which I don't blame you..... 
 After wasting some precious indigo fabrics for the sky portion, (thankfully it was only basted), this top section was totally rejected. Why couldn't I see it didn't work before taking up so much time?!?
New fabric options for the sky....again lots of cutting, pinning, basting since what I felt would work were only small pieces.  Seriously, I've worn a path from my fabric closet to the design wall, to the work table and back.  

I'm determined to 'get it right'.......some more progress has been made and I'll be reporting back very soon.


Kathy said...

I totally 'get' that auditioning process!! Takes forever and you continue to question, even as you try to get to sleep..............but you WILL get it! You always do!

Ann Scott said...

You have excited my passion for landscape quilts! It is difficult to tell from photos but I'm wondering if there is enough value change? My experience is that value can really increase the depth in a fabric landscape (you, no doubt, know that!). I like the shine in the second photo foreground brown; is that silk? This post is inspiring and I look forward to seeing it finished, you will make it wonderful!