Wednesday, May 24, 2017


I KNOW.....this is gross......BUT amazing.  After experiencing fairly bad drought conditions ever since the beginning of last summer....Mother Nature has made up for it now.  Rain has been falling in buckets over the last week, sometimes 2" - 4" in a few hours.
So.....look what we found in our garage....stuck to a glue trap (of which there are numerous ones.....rural living requires that kind of pro-active action!) Perhaps its den got flooded. This black snake measured about 3' long.  We do have two varieties of poisionious snakes here....fortunately this isn't one.  


margaret said...

not nice to find in your garage. here we are for once enjoying sunshine

The Idaho Beauty said...

Rates right up there with big spiders for me. Miss having someone to answer my call of "Arachnid Patrol!" But as to slithery things making their way into the garage after a heavy rain, thank goodness it's not snakes for me. It's earthworms. Stupid earthworms that force their way under the garage door gasket and then dry up and sometimes stick to the cement.

And once in WI I opened the door only to have a small salamander of some sort streak past me and into the coat closet. Tricky figuring out how to get that one back into the wilds.

Hope you don't have many more of these finds! It's bad enough to encounter them outside imo.

doodlebugmom said...

oh I hate snakes....ew