Thursday, May 18, 2017


 Ever since I discovered how adaptive ice-dyed fabrics were to what I refer to as Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie Style designs....I've been off and running with ideas.
Several pieces of ice-dyed fabrics, made on a 3 day dyeing marathon with two pals, caught my eye as they were organized into my stash. This one was actually the result of a's a flurry of excitement on our last evening as we review what we is not uncommon.  So, if I recall correctly....this piece was Judy's.  It began as a rather boring rusted fabric, but caught my eye in this over-dyed rendition.
I'd brought along some pale cotton prints to over-dye.  This one was accordion pleated and as you can see, not very successfully dyed but I did love the color.
 Our last Fiber Junkies meeting's focus was transfer printing.  I am not keen about the process we use as the fabric is generally stiffer than I prefer to work with.  However, Kate (thank you, thank you) insisted I do at least one....providing me with a cactus image and a piece of rust dyed fabric.
This is the result. about a perfect piece for my current project!
VIEW 1. believe it or not, 4 different ice-dyed fabrics have been incorporated into this piece.  Ice-dyeing yields such unique designs and's amazing that 2 of the 4 had been made at least 2 years ago, yet still coordinated with the current batch.  
View 2 -  The 'plan', though I didn't map it out on paper or computer was to make a smaller piece to more easily fit into my gallery space at Woolworth Walk in Asheville. AND.... to utilize as much of the fabric as possible, some being smaller, odd size shapes. Since I still had a limited amount of fabric left, a final row was added to the top.
View 3 - I'd considered adding circles to these designs before but hadn't quite figured out how best to do that, until now.  The cactus fabric seemed like it would be perfect to feature. The front of the fabric actually blended in too well, so here you see the back of that fabric instead.

The finishing touches are being done today....stay tuned.


Linda M said...

Looks fabulous, what a wonderful way to use those fabrics together.

Nancy said...

Wow- earthy wonderfulness!

Robbie said...

Oh my gosh!!! I think this is my most favorite now of your work!!! This is fantastic and I love the addition of the circles!!! Very, very, VERY nice, Mary!!!

margaret said...

really loving this piece Mary the colours are glorious and I am sure will be snapped up quickly from your booth

The Idaho Beauty said...

WOW WOW WOW! Addition of circles very cool. Initially I thought "storm clouds" but for some reason the addition of the circles toned that down. Very dynamic!