Wednesday, May 17, 2017


To many, the name Bill Schroeder will not be familiar, but quilters know his name because he was such a moving force in the quilt world.  Bill, with his wife Meredith, brought Paducah, Ky to the forefront of the quilt movement. Sadly, he passed away May 13th.  More info can be found here.  

 Comments from very prominent folks regarding his passing will flood in. This little voice too wants to express gratitude for his dedication founding Collector Books, the AQS Quilt Show, and the National Quilt Museum. They were both there to support my fledgling career way back when by publishing my first two books, hiring me to teach, lecture and judge at over a dozen of their shows, and the opportunity to lecture and teach at the fabulous museum.

A wonderful man whose impact on quilters everywhere can not be underestimated.


Nancy said...

What visionaries he and his wife were to make such a huge contribution to quilting. has a free show in their site for awhile- it's the 2012 episode in which Meredith Schroeder was chosen for the Legacy award. A tour of the National Museum is featured along with other segments on the publishing company, home visit, etc. Well worth viewing if you haven't seen it yet. It's show #1113 in the list.

The Inside Stori said...

Thank you Nancy for sharing that info!!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Here's a link to that show, if you haven't tracked it down yet:

Being behind on my reading, I not long ago read in an AQS magazine from last year about the special honors to the Schroeders and there was a pic of the two of them standing with a group outside the museum. For me, AQS was always Meredith, she was the front man as it were, and it seems Bill rarely stepped into the limelight to the point that it didn't occur to me he was an equally driving force behind AQS. I have enjoyed the tributes since his passing, especially yours.