Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Besides all the rain we've been getting, it had been hot....well....not Florida hot....but unusally warm for our comfortable mountains.  Normally, if we turn our A/C on more than twice a year....it's a record!
 'The husband' has taken to treating our dog with a frozen treat after their afternoon walk to cool her down.  Black dog on black asphalt.....need I say more?

Those prepared frozen goodies are $$ and calorie filled....even our rescue dog needs to watch her weight.  So I set about making our own.  There are lots of recipes available online but after previewing many, I chose two ingredients...low fat peanut butter and no fat, no sodium chicken stock.
 Using about 3 parts stock to 1 part peanut butter.....it was whirled in a food processor until well mixed.  Small plastic cups with lids (found inexpensively online) fit into a muffin tin nicely to keep everything level and in place during the freezing process. Once frozen, the cups are stored in a large plastic bag in the freezer.
Sooty LOVES her treats!


Nancy said...

I'll try these. Happy dogs in the summer heat. I made peanut butter bones- fill a hard, hollow bone that won't splinter with peanut butter and freeze them. They lick and lick all the yummy peanut butter on a hot day. Our dog trainer from years back also suggested the squeeze cheese that comes in a can- don't even know if this is made anymore, but it reminded me of plastic, so I stuck with peanut butter (no pun intended).

The Inside Stori said...

Nancy's suggestion is a great one..... Another treat we give our dog is to fill a kong (dog toy) with peanut butter, freeze it, and when we give it to her....she's busy for an hour our more! It's messy....so I only allow that as an outside treat!

Robbie said...

Lucky dog...poor Kalee can't have peanut butter...she has to stick with cooked chicken or baked chicken treats...boring but she's happy...what you don't have, you don't miss....lucky dog you have there, Mary!

margaret said...

had no idea dogs likes peanut butter. The hot weather is no good for their paws here they say if we cannot stand on the pavement in bare feet because it is so hot the dogs should not be taken out as it is too hot for them too. Not that I have a dog silly but |I am frightened of dogs.