Wednesday, May 3, 2017


I'll spare you from having to look at the many dozens of pieces I dyed.  Instead, here's a look at some of the methods we utilized.
 This is a piece of ice-dyed Woolfelt. As I mentioned in a previous post, MX doesn't dye wool successfully, therefore the 20% wool fiber content of this National Nonwoven fabric appeared as white fuzz.  Using clips to hold the folds of the fabric, it was reprocessed in an indigo acid dye bath. Photo here.
 We use a large canning pot, heated over a burner fueled with propane for acid dyeing.
 I frequently work with silk noil.  Here are two disappointing ice-dyed pieces, scrunched with rubber bands and treated to an acid dye bath to create more color/texture.
This silk noil piece began as a solid light khaki color.  Borrowing a shibori folding method.....held together with string, this too was processed in our indigo acid dye pot.
 We all agreed, this piece was one of my best results.  Ice-dyed silk noil, using leaf green, stormy gray, and straw MX dyes.  We just love it when the colors split!!
 We did a LOT of over-dyeing this time.  I had 4 barn red good quality napkins that had gotten stained....and you know how that matter how many times you pre-treat and wash....the stains remain.  The answer:  Ice-dye!!  If I'd had known it would work so well, I'd have brought the placemats that matched!
 Kate is modeling an over-dyed hand quilted whole-cloth vest I'd given her. I know the photo is poor quality but I assure you the results weren't.  I still have a closet full of wearable art from my teaching days, fashion shows, and books. I'm thrilled to pass them along when anyone expresses interest in a piece.
The last evening our piles are impressive....and the trading began!  We not only return to our daily lives with lots of beautiful fabric but with treasured memories as well.


Robbie said...

You did get some interesting results! Love that last pic of all fabric on the table! I'm still unloading my bag(s)/boxes from Florida! HA Only things not put away yet.

margaret said...

what a great pile of dyed fabric I wold have wanted it all but like you my favourite piece is the one you all liked best too