Friday, September 23, 2016


Last Friday I blogged about the start of this project.  Since then I've been putting hours and hours and hours hand stitching this half of an ice-dyed linen table runner. 
The featured botanical motif is known by several different names; its Latin name: Lunaria Annua, or Silver Dollar, Honesty Plant, Money Plant.
The stems are hand-dyed cotton strips & machine stitched to the background. The discs have been created by combining  hand-dyed cottons, fusibles, and hand-dyed crinkled polyester. Each has been appliquéd with hand embroidery.
It was understandably time consuming, however after not being able to do much handwork for nearly 4 months due to eye surgery, it was pure pleasure.

The challenge now is to figure out how to finish it. The fabric has been stabilized with Pellon's lightweight non-fusible interfacing which allowed the flimsy fabric to remain remarkably flat.  The edges aren't quite as straight as I'd like, so along with finishing the top, I'll be addressing that issue. I'm considering dyeing some lace to add to those areas.  

Creating one-of-a-kind wall art pieces with repurposed fabrics can be challenging but so rewarding!

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Linda M @ Pieceful Kingdom said...

That is so beautiful! I'm glad you are able to do more hand work again. I'm starting to get eye problems as well and it is a bit strange to think of not being able to see my hand stitching. As always, you did a wonderful job!

Gwyned Trefethen said...

How wonderful to have your eye sight back to where you are comfortable hand stitching. Already you are producing stunning work.

The Idaho Beauty said...

What a delightful piece. With that graceful drape of lace at the bottom, it has the feel of a medieval banner. I would add something dark along the top to finish it off and balance with the lace at the bottom, something that might mimic ironwork, cast iron, clamped onto it in order to hang it, or maybe some tabs for running an iron-like rod with filigree ends through. I don't normally do tab hangings but looking at this they did come to mind.

Robbie said...

Mary, this is just a lovely, lovely piece!! So delicate!!! Nicely done!

Nancy said...

This is just stunning, Mary! So appealing. And I'm glad you are progressing after the eye surgery. A quilting friend just went through hers and she is having the very same problems- despairing over the lack of improvement, some discomfort, inability to drive or even do regular tasks. I told her about your experience and how the progress has been slow, but there has been progress to give her some encouragement. Hope she will have a positive outcome over time.

margaret said...

tis s coming along so beautifully, here we call the flower an honesty plant

Kathy said...

Straight edges are over-rated! Celebrate the vintage nature of your fabric, perhaps with blanket stitch attachment to a felt or wool backing. Love the suggestions of hanging from something filigree. So happy that you are able to hand stitch again, comfortably!

Jackie said...

Ms. Mary,

This is a gorgeous piece...I think I understand that you are making this into a table runner...with same stitching on other end? This would be a show stopper if that was so! So glad eyes are getting will be doing a happy dance soon I hope and back to more projects. Hang in there! I miss ya!