Tuesday, September 27, 2016


This month Judy Simmons again led us through the steps she uses to marble fabric.  I won't even begin to try to provide a tutorial of all the steps involved, instead I recommend you learn from the expert, Judy! She wrote a book on the subject which is out of print but you can find copies here for a very reasonable price.

The last time we played with this technique we had the luxury of working during our own 2 day retreat.  It was a bit challenging to do all the set up for just one day, but as you can see by the photo below.....grass does not grow beneath the feet of the Fiber Junkies.

 One of three dye/paint stations 
 Our prepared trays
 Various 'rakes' to create designs.
 Dropping paints onto the prepared solution and watching it spread.
 After raking the design vertically, Judy is now raking horizontally.
 Two sets of hands makes it easier to place the fabric onto the floating paint.  This piece of fabric is one Judy had previously dyed but wasn't happy with the results.
This is the same fabric AFTER it was marbled.  It's still wet and full of goo....once it's stripped of the excess solution........
..........it was put in a bucket of water to soak.  After a bit of rinsing it was hung to dry.  Now I'm hanging my head because I didn't get a picture of the finished piece which we actually went back and marbled again.
 But just to show you that you needn't just use solid white fabric for marbling.  Judy had previously marbled this piece and didn't like it.....so she gave it to Kate.  
I love what Kate did!  By referring to the original color on left hand margin that didn't fit into the marbling pan, you can compare the difference.

In closing....Gen designed this tray......again no finished photo....sorry....but you can see why we had so much fun.  The possibilities are endless.

As these last two blogs posts have been published.....I've been off enjoying more fiber fun with pals Judy and Kate.  We have planned 3 days of non-stop fiber fun.  There's sure to be tons of photos to share when I return.  See you soon......


Nancy said...

The results are just so satisfying! Those feathers- wow.

Quilt Rat said...

Double U -O- Double U!!!!!

Robbie said...

Your group is SO productive! What great results!!! Love marbling...haven't done it in years...forgot how much fun and what nice fabric pieces you can get!!! Kudo's everyone!!!

margaret said...

marbling produces such amazing patterns and how good to have a large container so bigger pieces can be done, it is years since I did any but I am sure I have some marbling paints somewhere