Monday, September 19, 2016


With family in town and perfect weather, we headed out to do the tourist thing.  This day included a picnic lunch in Dupont State Forest where the beauty of numerous waterfalls amazed us.  I visited several times before but appreciated it just as much this trip. 
After passing over the iron bridge entryway, we saw a few fading wild flowers.....surely the last of the summer.
 And then the waterfalls.....both small and grand.

 Sooty, our black lab, smelled her way throughout the 60+ minute hike.
 A band of sunlight made these ferns sparkle.

 We made two stops on our way home.....leaving Sooty in the car when we stopped at Bridal Falls....another well-known area waterfall.  She kept her eyes focused out the front window waiting for our return.
 Our last stop was the famous Sliding Rock.....a long rather flat rock where the adventurous sit in the freezing cold, fast moving water as it swooshes the person down into the pool like alcove at the end.
This fellow is about half way to the end.  It was great fun to watch.  It's a shame it takes out of town visitors for us to get out and enjoy our own backyard!


Robbie said... are so close to the beauty of mother nature!!! Lucky you and I'm glad you got to make the 'hike' again!

The Idaho Beauty said...

You are so right about the way we wait for company to go see the local sites. I would seek out those waterfalls with you for sure. And that pic of Sooty in the car - how many times I have seen that in my years of owning labs? It made me smile!

margaret said...

how wonderful to have such beautiful places so near home