Monday, September 26, 2016


Fall isn't actually in the air here as our warm summer continues....however for planning purposes, this will be our last outdoor meeting at Val's until the spring. 
I've mentioned before what a generous, gracious host she is.....and kuddos to her hubby who puts up with us!  Val has a great wet studio in her garage....but we do seem to overrun her entire house as well.

She lives on a high ridge overlooking Asheville....just minutes from town but with a very rural feeling.
 I thought I'd share her spectacular views, taken off her back deck. It was quite foggy this morning, giving the impression that there is a lake off in the distance.
This is the same view after the fog burned off.
 Off to the South you can see the downtown area of Asheville, the fog in the background.
Now the same view minus the fog.
 We always lunch on her porch....which feels like sitting in a tree house!
Here's one of Val's amazing pieces.....she's a fabulous artist who (among a load of talents) is an expert screen printer.

Part 2 coming soon......


Robbie said...

What a view!!!! I would be outside all the time!!! Look forward to part 2! Kudo's on the game yesterday...thought hubby was going to have a stroke! HA

margaret said...

how wonderful to be living in such a wonderful place mmust be so inspiring too love the views.