Thursday, December 17, 2015


Back to the subject of mountains.....of course that best describes where we live in Western North Carolina...... 
 Back in 2007 (surely I was much hardier then)....'the husband' and I climbed Looking Glass Mountain.  Well....not the face of it....this view can be seen from the Blue Ridge Parkway.
We took a rough trail from the backside of the mountain.  When we reached the top....this was the view.
And where I rested FAR from the barren edge!!

So yes.....we have managed to explore some of the zillion trails within the many local forests.  Unfortunately, there are not many that allow dogs....and now that 'the husband' is more bonded with our black lab than he is with me......we haven't visited too many sites lately.


Robbie said...

What beautiful surroundings! All I have is walking on the road in a sub! Not much fun and not much to see! Lucky you!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Well, at least you understand your place in the pecking order... ;-)

I'm surprised at the limit on dogs on trails in an area that otherwise seems rather casual about things. Having been dog owner for so many years, I have to admit to empathizing with your husband. It's hard to leave your walking buddy behind without a little guilt.