Monday, December 14, 2015


Our friends read a short article about an interesting place to visit in one of the many nearby forests.  It's called Horseshoe Mountain.  The directions seemed skimpy but with the aid of Google maps, an ipad (which of course lost its signal), and an atlas...we headed off at 10:00 AM.
 Finally hours later.....the site still eluded us.  So we stopped along a road with a pretty stream, to regroup and eat our lunch.  We'd just spent nearly an hour on a dirt, partly flooded, pot holed, switch back path....barely wide enough for a car that we feared out bottom out at any time.....even going 5-10 miles an hour.  Where the heck is this mountain?!?  Good grief it was only supposed to be about 30 some miles from our house.
There are so many hidden, unmarked roads (well not really roads.....overgrown dirt alleys would be more like it) that weave through these mountains.  At times you'd swear you went back 50 years in time.

Even though we never did find that elusive road that would take us to our's the satellite coordinates if you ever want to go on an exploration!  

Our weather has been the mid. 60's each day......yes, yes.....this is how I like December weather in Western North Carolina to behave!
I came home with a few treasures.....the pretty stream yielded a couple of flat rocks....not as smooth as you'd think, but for thread embellishing the slight roughness is an advantage.  Now, when the spirit moves me......I'll have a few more rocks to play with.

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Sylvia said...

I live in Central Utah, Sanpete County to be exact. We have a Horseshoe Mountain! It is visible when driving south along the highway. And right now with the snow, it is very beautiful! Google Horseshoe Mountain Utah and the images will come up.