Saturday, December 19, 2015


It's surprisingly time consuming to create wet felted bowls.  Either I'm too wimpy with my agitation or that's just the way it is.  Even with all my supplies already out and ready to go, it took a good 6 hours to make these 3 bowls.
 Here you see them stuffed with old cloth napkins which help to retain their shape as they dry (on a wire rack...which was removed for this photo). 

I worked with colorful strips of roving for the red bowl.  Lesson learned:  the roving strips needed to be more consistent and perhaps pre-felted a bit to prevent them from shifting so unevenly.  The answer might be to use pencil roving (which I don't own) for a tidier presentation.

I'm happy with the results of the other bowl.....which will be embellished with the very last piece of root beer colored sea glass that my friend Jo shared with me.  The look and added texture of the wool curls is pleasing to me.    Hummmm....I wonder if one can buy sea glass?  Note to self:  check Amazon.....they sell EVERYTHING!
Lesson learned on this small 4" diameter white bowl:  the balls of wool embedded in the layers of roving needed to be larger and firmer in order to retain their shape during the felting process.  As you can see....only a few are visible.

I'm not discouraged...........


Linda M said...

Always love your felted bowls. Have a great time with the grandkids.

Ruth Lane said...

Your bowls look great and don't be discouraged. It always seem to take me that long so it isn't just you. And you're learning something each time which is the fun part. :)

Robbie said...

Yes, your bowls are wonderful. I'm so in awe of your creating these does take a lot of work!!!