Monday, December 28, 2015


Georgia Bonesteel, and her PBS TV show, Lap Quilting, can surely be credited for getting a huge majority of quilters hooked on quilting.

I'm pleased to know her first as a colleague, traveling the quilting circuit and now as a member of our local 14 person PTA group (Professional Textile Artists - a photo of us can be seen about midway through the's the first one when Georgia talks about her groups.) I feel honored to call her a good friend!

'The Quilt Show' visited Georgia at her home and her stomping grounds in Flat Rock, NC......the episode is being aired for free now until Jan. 3rd.  Click here to enjoy her important journey!


Jo Vandermey said...

Wonderful inspirational Show! Thanks for sharing the link.

Nancy said...

Thanks for the link- the show is beautifully done, and what a treat to see Georgia's home and workspace. Saw you in the group photo that was shown. Fun.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks for the heads up. I'm one of those that cut her quilting teeth on Georgia Bonesteel's lap quilting shows and bought her first 3 or 4 books. Did I actual use her lap quilting construction techniques? Well, not really, but I found so much else to learn from her and appreciated the full-size block patterns and templates. Her books were a block reference for me for years, only superseded with the advent of Electric Quilt and Block Base software. Was so lovely to hear her tell her story and show off those quilts! And yes - I spotted you in the group picture. ;-)

Maggi said...

Not a name that I am familiar with so it will be interesting to watch the show.