Monday, June 16, 2014


Our quilt industry has grown tremendously since my start along the quilting highway over 25 years ago.  One thing that hasn't changed is the support quilt instructors give unselfishly to each other.

Some of you may be aware that Mary Lou Weidman's husband recently passed away after a brave battle with brain cancer.  What do quilters do to show support and friendship?  We make a quilt!  I understand she has been posting photos on Facebook, (I'm not on Facebook) for more can search them out there.

Kathy Kansier coordinated the effort and put the blocks together.  The theme was to be whimsical, in keeping with Mary Lou's style and to help lighten her heart.

I hope you will enjoy a closer look at some of the blocks.......
Made by Mary Stori....which I blogged about here.

 Made by Alex Anderson
 Made by Becky Goldsmith
Made by Jan Krentz


Robbie said...

That's what friends are for isn't it! Wonderful and it will be greatly appreciated I'm sure.

margaret said...

very nice and so good that you have got together to make this for your dear friend