Monday, June 2, 2014


Back in March at our PTA retreat, I spent about 2 1/2 days piecing a monster size quilt as a wedding gift for a family member.  Okay....okay....I realize each block had only 3 patches....but still....for someone like me who no longer does much patch working, it seemed daunting.
 Fortunately, I have a very generous friend who offered the use of her long arm to quilt this 100" x 110" quilt.
 Her work is always so meticulous due to the care she takes in loading the layers and constantly checking that everything is square.  It's great to learn from someone so skilled and careful.
 So here I the beginning of what turned out to be 2 - 8 hr. days quilting. The pocket apron is Kate's good hold all the necessary tools readily available, such as narrow rulers that are helpful to keep lines uniform and straight.'s finished.....of course the binding needs to be added, but I look forward to many hours of hand stitching it in place!
Both vertical and horizontal quilting lines create a plaid effect that is fairly visible even on this busy fabric.  Thank you Kate for your guidance and generosity! 


Robbie said...

The quilt is beautiful!!!! And you're so lucky to have such a great friend to provide you access to this quilting machine! Woo hoo!!!!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Yeah!!! What a pro!!! It looks great! And boy, aren't you glad that's done... ;-) Seriously, it's really beautiful and I like the plaid effect of the quilting. Will have to remember that one.

margaret said...

this is a very eye catching quilt, happy binding, I too enjoy the hand sewing part

Nanette said...

Really pretty. Great job Mary!