Saturday, June 21, 2014


Here's a peek at some of our deconstructed screen printing. It's always so interesting to view before and then later after photos.  (after they are washed).
I'll share them after our next meeting when they are unveiled.
 Denny's work is in the foreground....she truly is fearless!  We are so thrilled she agreed to join our group!  Here, instead of following the normal routine of printing through a silk screen.....she began to add squiggles directly onto her fabric....and then printing....we loved the results.
 Gen used both deconstructed screen printing and stenciling on this piece.
 There were many favorites....I coveted this landscape looking piece of Denny's. 
 Judy printed on organza....I'm especially anxious to see what they look like after washing.
 This is Val's.....another favorite of mine.  Val works so quietly......but we all want to be at a table next to her so we can copy whatever she does....what an eye she has!!
Upper work is Kate's....lower is more of adventurous Denny's printing.....

More to come.......

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Robbie said...

Oh my gosh!!! These look like pictures from a Jane Dunnewold's Complex Cloth book, class or workshop!! VERY cool!!!! Can't wait to see everything washed out!!