Sunday, June 15, 2014


Yard art has always attracted me.....and now that we have a big covered porch it's been fun search for unique items to display.
 This baker's rack has been used for so many indoor purposes over the years.  The last few summers it's held crocks filled with shade loving plants....sadly it's wasn't uncommon to forget watering them.  So this year we gathered some antique store treasures to display instead.
 Are you old enough to remember this style of roller skates?  I sure do.....
 Recycled tin 'creatures' seem to be all the rage in the past few years.....even still, we added another to our growing collection.
We aren't sure what this was......but we like it.

Now, if I could only pull myself out of the studio long enough to actually enjoy our porch.....  What about you....are you a porch sitter?


Vivian Helena said...

Wish we could remember to sit on our porch. We have a fantastic view also. Where does the time go?

Robbie said...

I am a 'deck' sitter! But only for lunch and then later in the afternoon when my 'chores' are done or I'm finished with machine work or cutting table. Love listening to the birds and having a breeze on me is delightful! Is that a sun dial??? Or some type of measurement tool?? Cool!