Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Happy Days.....we went from a blizzard and 3 more inches of snow on Sunday....

Ice Storm - by Mary Stori
 22" x 27" - hand appliqued, hand quilted, machine stitched, bead embellished. 75 degrees today....just like that....spring is here!!!

 Spring Has Sprung - by Mary Stori
22" x 27" - hand appliqued, hand quilted, machine stitched, bead embellished.

These two pieces are from my 4 Seasons series.....they are available here...along with Summer Sizzle and Autumn Colors.


The Idaho Beauty said...

Whoo Hoo for Yoo! We are being threatened with 70 degrees in about a week. Time enough to think about what one wears when it gets that warm. In the meantime, at least we are up in the 50's with sun!

"Ice Storm" is great. Well, the other one is too, but I am always impressed when a fiber piece can emulate snow and ice.

Robbie said...

These are beautiful, Mary....not sure if I've seen these before on your web site...just wonderful!!

margaret said...

both beautiful, I am amazed how you get such a large variation in temperatures weather wise