Saturday, April 19, 2014


This will mean positively nothing to 99.8% of you.......but if you are a long time follower of my blog, you know I'm over the moon about this.  Culver's,our favorite Wisconsin source of ice cream....which in this case is actually custard, is coming to Asheville on Airport Road.  I don't know the opening date but you can bet I'll be there.

Chocolate Concrete Malt (Chocolate flavored, malted milk, vanilla custard)tall(19.8 oz)231776032.51,354

This Wisconsin based fast food chain is also known for their 'butter burgers'....I can't comment because I go strictly for the Chocolate Concrete Malt......and either have to walk twice that day or skip a meal as half my total daily calories are used up in one delicious sitting.


Robbie said...

My grand kids have "taken" me to Culver's several times!! Yum!! Hubby even ate there once

The Idaho Beauty said...

Would you believe I never darkened the door of a Culver's the 13 years I lived in Wisconsin? I know, sacrilege, like not rooting for the Packers (which I did). ;-)

But for those who have, I understand the loyalty and enthusiasm and so am happy for you!

Kathy said...

There is nothing in the world like Wisconsin custard ice cream! I can feel your joy!

Paulette said...

YEAHHHHHHHHH, we are from Lake Geneva WI, been in the Bristol VA area for 6 yrs!!!!!! Thought they would make it to the south one of these days!!! hope our area is next.