Thursday, April 24, 2014


Besides embellishing rocks (which you've seen me do) I can't think of anything sillier to spend time on than making zipper flowers!  Yet, they are fun and challenging....
 Perhaps the challenge comes from not have the proper zippers....again instead of using one with large metal teeth, all I have is a narrow plastic one...but the color is right!

This time after taking it apart, I trimmed about 75% of the zipper's tape away....running a flame along the cut edge to seal it.  (It's poly so it melts). 
Next, the zipper was cut into 4 sections...sealing those ends with a flame as well.  Matching the color, it was paired with a piece of felted wool and hand stitched in place.
 The excess wool was trimmed away and each petal was auditioned for placement on my project.
Here's the completed flower.....

I'll be away with some fiber friends for a couple of days...doing what we do....playing with fabric/dye/eating/ general...having a big ole' time.  Expect a report in a few days....or sooner if I can figure out how to blog from my iphone!


Robbie said...

Love it!!! So much fun!!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh man - this is BRILLIANT!