Monday, April 21, 2014


A new floor lamp (for evening hand stitching) has not materialized yet, so I bit the bullet and spent time in the studio hand stitching during the day.  You'd have thought the world was coming to an end by the break in my usual daily pattern! Isn't it amazing how stuck we can get into our routines? 

Though I've previously posted some process photos of this piece, here's an overview since it's now complete.
 A gifted cabochon was the inspiration.  I REALLY wanted to use this piece of ice-dyed cotton, but in the end decided it was simply too busy to allow this beautiful stone to be the star of the show!
 Instead, out came some wool felt and an inkling of a design idea.
 Next the cab was beaded in position.  FYI - I place a dab of Beacon's Tacky Glue on the wrong side of the stone to hold it in place as I begin stitching the beaded cage that surrounds and ultimately holds it to the fabric.
 Then came some hand embroidery.
 And more pondering about the final design.
 Even though I really did know what I should took me awhile to make that final decision.  I cut about 7" off the right side to obtain a narrow piece, rather than almost square.
A few circles were stitched onto the background and a narrow edging was added which was further embellished by hand embroidery and beads.
AERIAL DANCE  7.5" X 11"
(Already spoken for)

Reminder....all photos can be enlarged by clicking on the image.


The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh, VERY nice. A good resolution.

margaret said...

very nice piece so creative