Thursday, April 3, 2014


Although the number of us who travel the quilting circuit has grown quite a bit since I began teaching in the late 1980's, there's still an incredible amount of dedication and support readily given when one of us is in need.

To my knowledge, the first instructor our group made blocks for was Pat Campbell.  After her series of strokes, enough blocks were generated to make two quilts.  We also took up a collection to ensure she got fresh flowers delivered once a month for about 6 months. Since then there have been others who've we rallied around.

Another quilt is in the works and this is my block.  It's based on a wall quilt design I created that was inspired by the work of Alexander Calder.  Since for now this is a secret, I can't share with you who the recipient is.  I hope to share that information and the finished quilt when allowed.

Isn't this what quilting is really all help show how much we care!?!


Robbie said...

How wonderful, Mary!!! I'm sure Pat appreciated and enjoyed the flowers and the new 'recipient' will cherish the quilt! Can't wait until you can share.

margaret said...

It must cheer those who you have made for when they are poorly to know others love and care about them, love this new piece with the cow look forward to reading more about it