Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Grunt work.....yuck.....when I was teaching full out, it made sense to out-source some of the preparations for my workshops. Now that I'm winding down, it's more sensible for me to tackle them.

For instance....these 'mock quilts'...which are kinda like elongated hot pads.  I don't require students to purchase them, they can make their own if they wish. However, since I never really know for sure how many I need to have on hand, it's necessary to maintain an inventory.  I'll be teaching this class for two upcoming guild visits.....meaning...I need to get busy!
They are used as a blank for students to create a sampler of edging/binding stitches.  I started adding beaded edgings on my quilts about 15 years ago and been teaching it about that long.  So now that my schedule is fairly sparse...making the blanks has fallen to me.....  Good for evening hand sewing as the binding needs to be sewn to the back by hand, but it's not a very creative exercise.
 Here's an example of how a simple beadwork stitch can frame a quilt.  (Click to enlarge)
 ...And here's one of the most difficult and time consuming techniques. Basically a netting made using bugle and seed beads.  This piece is available here.


Robbie said...

You had me with the Greenleaf piece!!! Lovely!!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Man, that's going above and beyond, hand stitching binding on mock quilts for students! But I well know it's better to have this sort of thing available rather than have an unprepared student show up and not be able to participate in the class. You, my dear, are worth every penny of your teaching fee.

SarahZ said...

Honestly, I've never seen beadwork edges is beautiful, and just fascinating!