Thursday, February 27, 2014


......I left off yesterday at the point where the vinyl screens were ready for printing.....
 Our paints were all lined up and ready to go.

The fabric to be printed and the vinyl screen were taped to a vinyl covered cushioned surface.  The vinyl allows for easy clean up of the paint that bleeds through the fabric, and the softer surface helps to achieve a better print.  
A line of paint is positioned on one taped edge.  Then....using a squeege or even an old credit card/hotel room key etc., the paint is drawn across the surface.
 When removed....this is the result on one of my commerically dyed rayon fabrics.
 Here's what it looks like on a hand-dyed silk.
Judy decided to use two colors of paint...casually placing them onto the screen....I don't have a photo of the results....but I can say the blend was lovely.
 Here's her design printed on some of my silk fabric using black paint.
Kate's simple design became a real treasure when printed again and again on a piece of her hand dyed cotton. 
Then she took it one step further and printed again using green paint....LOVE IT!!
Denny, who works harder and faster then the rest of us, had this design printed before my piece was even cut out.  I really like the idea of the small size. This will allow the design to be printed on a variety of fabrics that can then be incorporated in a larger design. 

As I said, Denny is very detailed.....she did a positive and negative spider web!!  

This project was a lot of fun and I'm sure it will be helpful to me since my workspace isn't very compatiable with paints.  This is nice and compact and not terribly messy.


The Idaho Beauty said...

Ok, now I want your screen. ;-) Just goes to show that simple can be compelling (but then again, I have this thing for anything that makes me think of tree trunks). I like what you've printed the image on too. I am so one-dimensional in my thinking, my brain always assuming that printing or stamping (or dyeing for that matter) starts on white fabric. These are just wonderful and I'm sure you will turn them into something even more wonderful.

Thanks for sharing this twist on screen printing.

Robbie said...

Hey...can't read your posts on 'And Then We Set It on Fire'!!! What's up!!
Screen print post is cool!!

margaret said...

some very good designs from this method

Lisa said...

Great fun Mary! I love doing screen printing. Love all the designs everyone did. How nice that you have friends close by to play with!