Monday, February 3, 2014


This tiny piece of felted and resist dyed wool was gifted to me by my Fiber Junkie pal, Val.  I shared a stack of vintage lace with her and she surprised me with a couple of her felted wool designs.
 Since I have none left in my own inventory...I was thrilled!  I love pulling materials to embellish these pieces. 
 Truly, I'm such a happy camper....feet up on a primitive oak table (cut down to be a coffee table).....big screen on (though 'the husband' is charge of the wonder I sew at night!).....and of course a nice bright light over my shoulder to work under.

There is rarely a plan....I just look at the design, the beads and threads I've gathered and start stitching.  However, it's not uncommon for me to remove some of the stitching after getting a better idea....
So's all speed ahead....  I'll keep you this will be on hold till I return from my teaching trip.


Linda M said...

What a great piece of felted wool, can't wait to see what all you do to it.

Robbie said...

Yummy colors!!! Neat piece!!!

margaret said...

this is looking good, love the richness of the turquoise. Must do something with the pieces I have made on the day