Thursday, February 13, 2014


We do as much chatting & eating as we do 'creating' choosing no-brainer activities is a must.  A fun project I've done with my Fiber Junkies group  was selected for our first day.
 Paper Fabric is very stress free.  It consists of making a collage using various paper products which are adhered to fabric with thinned white glue.  When dry, it can be cut up and used for note cards, to decorate gift tags, and make labels.  Of course the pieces can be framed or hung on walls as well.
 We each brought paper favorites were printed tissue paper and maps.  Old books were fun to utilize as well.  We made a pile on the table to share.  From past experience, selecting and tearing the paper into pieces prior to beginning the collage process seems to work best.
 Eventually we moved outdoors and worked on plastic covered tables.....small stones kept our drop clothes from blowing away.  A piece of fabric (about 14" square) is wet with the water/glue solution to help keep the torn paper in place. A sponge brush is used to spread more glue over the torn paper as pieces are collaged onto the fabric.   It's not necessary to have a plan, rather it's fun to jump right in and simply scatter the paper as desired.  
 Gwen came up with the great idea to place our torn paper vertically in plastic storage containers to make it easier to make our selections.
 This is her completed piece.....featuring a happy birthday theme.
 Nan made this colorful one.
 Here's my overly coordinated piece!
 I especially like how Sue featured so many book pages.

And to keep up our was never far away.  Nan is an exceptional hostess.....    **Posts about our 'art camp' can also be found the day before this one and the day explore.....

I'm linking to Nina-Marie's Off The Wall sure to hop over to enjoy the creativity of artists from around the world!


Robbie said...

I made fiber valentines one year from my'fabric paper',,,love all the colors and designs you all made!!!

Norma Schlager said...

This looks like so much fun! And you obviously are in a warm climate where you can work outside. Buried in snow here!

Sylvia said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! It is great to play with friends and do something creative!

LA Paylor said...

mmmm the food looked great... like the company.

Vera Holmgren said...

What a great idea, seems to be very fun!