Friday, February 21, 2014


This tiny piece was started a few weeks ago and now, after a lot of travel, I'm home and back in studio getting tasks done!

 As usual when working with hand felted resist dyed wool, it's stabilized with Pellon non-fusible interfacing before any stitching begins.
 Normally I work in a Q-snap frame, however with these very small pieces, careful stitching while holding it in my hands works sufficiently to prevent distortation.  I have no real plan....instead I select a starting point and go from there, adding both beads and hand embroidery until I feel that it's complete.  It's not a fast process, rather an enjoyable marathon.

7.5" x 5"
Hand felted resist dyed wool, hand embroidered and bead embellished.


Norma Schlager said...

This really appeals to me....the color, the discharge and the beading.

Chris said...

Wow this is beautiful. I never heard of resist dyed wool before. What a wonderful piece you created with this technique. Your beads added just the right touch.

LA Paylor said...

This piece is so tiny but the image makes it appear grand. The bead choice is subtle and effective.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Such a lovely color & nicely embellished.

Kathy said...

I'm new to wool dyeing--do you use "mechanical" resists such as disks and clamps, rubber bands or thread, or is there a resist like wax that works well? I'm ready for more experimentation with my wool!

Sylvia said...

Very nice piece. So calming to just let the piece work as the flow goes.

margaret said...

very nice piece, colours work so well together