Thursday, February 28, 2013


After two cancellations due to bad weather, the Fiber Junkies finally met for a day of wet felting.
 A friend had a display of small felted balls, topped with acorn caps that we all admired....  So for most of January, during the morning 'forced march' with 'the husband', I started collecting acorn caps.
 We pooled our wool roving.....and placed prepared bowls of hot soapy water on terry towels, then set to work.
 It was more difficult to make the balls small enough to fit into the caps then you can imagine!
 .....But with restraint......we got the knack of using small amounts of fiber.
Cute, no???
I actually spent most of my time making more faux river replace the ones our dog 'Sooty' ate, as reported here.  After a few more sessions, I hope to have enough to create a new display which will be position out of reach from the ever hungry black lab!

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bohemiannie! art said...

LOL! Put them on a high shelf! I love your little stones and acorn creations.