Monday, February 11, 2013


Day 2 of girlfriend Arizona Art Camp.....

We gathered all our supplies in preparation of a monoprinting day. For an excellent explanation and wonderful how-to photos on the subject...visit my pal Judy Simmons blog.

 This was a blast......we smeared/dotted & dropped fabric paints onto Plexiglass, sandwiching the paint between another piece of Plexiglass.

When they are separated....amazing texture is created on both pieces of the plastic.
 Next, fabric is placed onto the paint and pressed with a brayer roller....
 Each 'print' yields different and interesting results.  
I wasn't thrilled with many of my pieces, however this one was pleasing.  We used a variety of fabrics to print on.....muslin, linen, the right and wrong sides of prints.

A word of warning when printing in very warm, dry weather.....don't!  There was a noticeable negative difference in how the paint behaved on the warm Plexiglass as the day progressed in the sunshine filled patio!  

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