Tuesday, February 26, 2013


A perk I enjoyed at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival this year was arriving in plenty of time to get a sneak preview of the show.  The quilts were fantastic and inspiring.  Embellishments seemed to be featured on more and more quilts!

Whether they are embellished or not.....I had some favorites....hopefully you'll enjoy them as well.
"Spirit" by Georgia Spalding Pierce - Seattle WA

 The quilting was very well executed and totally perfect for the design.
 Each motif was designed with great care.

 "Coleus Up Close" by Sue Colozzi - Reading, MA
This piece was so visually appealing, you'd have sworn it was real.
"Jet Trails #9" by Marcia DeCamp - Palmyra, NY
This perfectly balanced design, both in color and scale of pattern stood out in the crowd!
 "Bellagio Afternoon" by Diana L. Campbell - Allentown, PA
I loved this piece.....you felt as if you were in Italy just looking at it.
The intricate details such as this silk ribbon embroidery were outstanding!
 "Held Together By a Thread" by Susan Lenz - Columbia, SC
This wall quilt was part of the SAQA "I'm Not Crazy" exhibit.  I'm a big Susan Lenz fan. Her recycling/repurposing is always done with skill and excellent taste.

Detail -  How many of us would have totally discarded such a tattered quilt?  Susan turned it into a new form of art to be appreciated by a new generation.


Nanette S. Zeller said...

Susan Lenz amazes me.Glad you had a fun trip. Sorry I had to miss it.

Robbie said...

Cool...battery dyeing! Can't write more!