Monday, February 18, 2013


Every February, Asheville, NC is host to my favorite Bluegrass Festival.  It's held in a small venue....only about 800 tickets are available.  We were fortunate to be seated this year in the second aisle!  Talk about up close and personal....and when I say 2nd row....I mean we were no more than 10-12' from the stage!

This post isn't so much about the music....which was fabulous as always.  Instead, I want to point out how the "I can" attitude can push help to achieve success.  Often in our frustration.....and I probably should be saying....often in MY frustration....that positive statement takes a back seat.  Eventually, I get there....but it's good for us to know that no matter what our passion in life is....saying "I can" is so vital.

The event is called, Bluegrass First Class....and that inspired my 'stamp' quilt "Bluegrass Forever".  The quilt is now the property of the show organizers and I was thrilled to see it publicly hanging at the registration desk of the host hotel.

 Every inch of this large convention hotel center is teaming with 'pickers'.  Right off the lobby a stage was set up where young and old non-professionals played to the delight of the attendees.

Many hotel room occupants leave their doors open for people to wander in and 'jam'....there is music everywhere at all time of the day and night.  However, there is a 'quiet wing' for those that actually wish to sleep at night!
 Back to the "I can" theme of this post.  This photo says it all.......
 This is the James King Band......a group I've seen many times and always especially enjoy the vocals of the band leader (center on the guitar).  One would never know by his professional presentation that he is struggling with the death of his daughter in a auto accident.
 Michael Cleveland's band....Flame Keepers is a high energy bluegrass group.  We've never seen this amazing fiddler player (Michael Cleveland himself!) not performing to his best...always a huge smile on his face.  He's blind.....and we think we have challenges to overcome!
 In an almost all male industry, Christen Scott Benson has won the highest awards in the industry for her skill on the banjo.  She plays with the Lonesome River Band.
And finally......'yes I can' is certainly important here.   The mandolin player on the left is now the son-in-law of the very, very famous Rhonda Vincent (right). let's all say....yes I can!!!

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